Dance Dayo 2021: Unbreakable

After a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to announce that the annual Dance Dayo is back! Dance Dayo is an initiative open to all college or high school dance groups in Leyte and Samar. The event allows students to express their emotions and show off their talent through dance.

This year’s theme, “Christmas among the Uncertainties,” aims to mirror myriad stories of Filipinos overcoming the pandemic challenges.

Get ready to rise to the challenge and become UNBREAKABLE!


1. This competition is open to all high school and college students.

2. Each group should be composed of a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of ten (10) members.

3. The dance performance of the different competing groups shall strictly follow the concept/theme for this year’s Dance Dayo competition.

4. Each dance number has a minimum of three (3) minutes and shall not be more than four (4) minutes inclusive of preparation and set-up. A minute of excess or a fraction thereof over the allowed time shall mean 5 points deductions from the overall average points.

5. The dance number can either be pop, jazz, contemporary, or another genre that the group desires.

6. The use of pyrotechnics and other flammable materials, live animals, 3-level human pyramids, offensive and immoral costumes and actions are strictly prohibited and shall disqualify the competing group.

7. Music should not contain offensive, vulgar words or expressions. Censoring the words is acceptable.

8. A face mask must be worn as part of their costume and for the entirety of the performance for safety precaution.

9. Judging shall be based on the following criteria:

Choreography (Creativity & Originality)                    30%
Mastery and Synchronization                                           30%
Costume, Effects and Adornments                                   15%
Technique (Rhythm, Clarity, Entertainment)               15%
Stage Presence                                                                        10%
TOTAL                                                                                      100%

10. The participating groups shall be awarded with the appropriate points in accordance with the committee guidelines.

11. Prizes for the competition will be as follows:

1st Place – P10,000.00
2nd Place – P8,000.00
3rd Place – P6,000.00

12. Participants of the said competition is encouraged to be fully vaccinated upon participating.

13. The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.


  1. Waiver
  2. Registration Form
  3. School Identification Card/ Proof of Enrollment/ Certification of Enrollment