Administrative Affairs and Student Services Department

Mission Statement

The Administrative Affairs and Student Services Department of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies commits to continually improve operations, processes and physical facilities to provide prompt support services to administrative offices, academic departments, and the larger community when possible thru regular management and supervision, monitoring and evaluation of all common service facilities and performance while promoting integrity, honesty, dedication and professionalism in work.


  •  To spearhead in the observance and implementation of administrative policies, rules, regulations, processes, systems and procedures, programs, projects and activities.
  •  To continually formulate policies, rules and regulations that aid and encourage administrative personnel in the pursuit of excellence, integrity and dedication in the performance of individual duties and responsibilities.
  •  To properly address issues and concerns presented by department and unit heads and arrive at a win-win mitigation and/or solution.
  •  To regularly monitor and evaluate the overall productivity and performance of administrative personnel based on targets formulated.
  •  To present regular reports and updates to the school president and to the Executive Committee