General Education Department

While professional and core courses prepare graduates for the technical demands of work, general education supports business, law, and real estate management disciplines in terms of provision of foundation in Liberal Arts education.

In SPSBL, students are given the opportunity to develop important and necessary skills in debate; professional interview; folk literature; the environment; Filipino values; philosophy; the languages like Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, and Spanish; student journalism and statistics. At least seven professors are licensed educators, and members of professional organizations.

The school also participates in regional quiz bowl competitions. With the implementation of K to 12 in 2016, the general education will beef up its faculty through training.


The General Education Department of Saint Paul School of Business and Law fosters holistic skills that allow students to become civilly responsible life-long learners ready to accept new challenges through the foundations in the liberal arts including the knowledge in the historical, literary, aesthetic, scientific, and cultural traditions that shape the world.