Guidance and Career Services

The Guidance Center, through its advocates, provides assistance to students in understanding themselves and others, as well as making the necessary adjustments to the school setting. It guides students in their academic, personal, and social life through creating an atmosphere filled with Paulinian values, thus, helping them develop the person they are capable of becoming, equipped with human facilities in a dynamic society.


The Guidance and Career Services Center envisions a school whose studentry is emotionally, psychologically, and socially healthy, confident in themselves and preserves the values and character of a true Paulinian and an upright citizen.


The Guidance and Career Services Center's mission is to provide student support services that are geared towards ensuring the emotional, psychological, and social stability of the students through guidance, counseling, and other interventions. The Guidance Center focuses on students' personal development by providing assistance in improving their interpersonal and intrapersonal skill so as to better adjust, cope, and succeed in the collegiate environment.

General Objectives

Guided by the mission-vision of the Center and in accordance with that of the institution, the Guidance Center's programs and services aim to support students in the discovery and recognition of their dignity and worth as individuals, equipped with human abilities in overcoming the challenges of life and to facilitate their holistic growth through creating an atmosphere filled with Paulinian values, which they can utilize to become a dynamic member of the global society.

The Guidance Personnel

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