Health Services

SPSPS Health Services:

Designed to prevent diseases, promote health, educate, provide first aid and emergency care, identify and treat health problems and injuries, and ensure care for students and school personnel’s well-being.



SPSPS health program envision students, school personnel and adopted community to be physically and mentally healthy, educated in making healthy choices and enhanced life-long well-being.


The mission of the school clinic is to assure that the health of the students is at optimum condition for learning .The school clinic also provides health services to the institution's faculty and administrative staff so that effective service would be delivered to the student body.


  1. To provide prompt, efficient and quality health care services to students, school personnel and its adopted community.
  2. To provide holistic care approach.
  3. To provide a safe and healthy school environment.
  4. To provide a “We Care” attitude and homelike place to rest.
  5.  To ensure that student health conditions do not prevent them from attending school.
  6. To awaken health consciousness and awareness of the students and school personnel.
  7. To control the spread of communicable diseases.
  8. To improve the quality of life and health status of the students and school personnel by nutrition education and physical activity.
  9. To improve student, faculty and administrative employees performance and productivity through wellness programs.


SPSPS Health Clinic Services

  1. Assessment of day-to-day health needs of students and school personnel.
  2. Health screening.
  3. Health promotion and disease prevention activities.
  4. Individual health education and counseling.
  5. First Aid and emergency care.
  6. Chronic care services for students with disabilities.
  7. Referral of students with health problems to community health care providers for further diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Medical and dental consultation and evaluation by our school physician and school dentist.
  9. Routine medication administration (Medicines for abdominal disorders, Allergic reactions, Asthma, Conjunctivitis, Colds, Cough, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Fever, Headache, Musculo- Skeletal pain and Toothache).
  10. Dental services include consultation, dental clearance, oral prophylaxis and tooth extraction.
  11. Maintaining medical health and dental records of the students and school personnel.

School Dentist: Yule Christian T. Fuentes, DDM
School Dentist Schedule:

Monday and Tuesday: 10:00-12:00 noon

Free Services:

  • Oral Prophylaxis (6 patients/day)
  • Tooth Extraction (6 patients/day)
  • Dental check-up/Clearance

School Physician: Zheilla Marie Bunda-Bocateja, M.D.
School Physician Schedule:

SPSPS Clinic: Tuesday - Thursday: 02:00-04:00 PM
Phone No. (053) 323-2338

Free Services:

Medical Consultation and physical Examination for Medical Certification

Contact Information

School Nurse
Phone: 323-2338