Information & Communications Technology Department

The information & Communications Technology Department serves other SPSPS departments through a series of services that includes integrating computer systems, coordinating and providing training, negotiating and managing information technology related contracts and technology assistance and support.

The department creates the technological environment that enables school employees to quickly access vital information using the most efficient and cost effective system hardware and software.


The Department’s mission is to supply the technology and information services needed to fulfill the requirements as well as to fully meet the professional and academic needs of the SPSPS Community now and in the future.



The IT Department is the innovative resource that continuously enhances campus life using information and computing. The vision of the Information Technology department is to be customer-focused, responsive to the needs of a diverse range of users, exploits technology to its full potential, ensures the integrity of data, improve the delivery of instruction, cost effective, well-run IT operation that is recognized for its responsiveness, flexibility and effectiveness of the solutions it provides and supports as well as fostering a bright technological future for SPSBL.


  • Provides robust and flexible computing infrastructure that is capable of handling current and projected needs of internal customers and external client agencies.
  • Provides responsive and cost-effective support of installed applications, services and hardware.


  • To assist SPSBL departments in responding to their needs of the administrators, employees, faculty and students by enabling them to quickly access vital information.
  • To provide responsive and dependable delivery and management of school-wide high quality information technology services through teamwork, partnerships and developing team and individual strengths.
  • To centralize school-wide IT functions and to deliver core infrastructure services.
  • To deploy and ensure support of a common infrastructure that meets the organization’s needs.
  • To implement and maintain effective IT governance.
  • To ensure that IT investments are aligned with the school’s Strategic Plan; identified priorities and IT standards.
  • To ensure that all students have easy access to accurate and timely school information and services via the Internet and Internet Service Efforts and Accomplishments.

Contact Information


Engr. Alan James P. Borgueta, MBM
Director, ICT
1st Floor Administration Building
SPSPS Campus
Phone: 323-4403