A world-class professional learning institution imbued with the ideals of Saint Paul giving back, living up to society’s expectations on environmentally conscious and socio-economic responsive academic instruction, development research, and community service.


To establish a strong presence of lifelong learners and Christ-centered professionals laying the foundation for new streams of educational value relevant to global development initiatives.


Sapientia et Servitium Gratia Dei

(Wisdom and Service by the Grace of God)


To clearly demonstrate our core values in globally-minded and enterprising graduates worthy of admiration and respect in ASEAN region.


  1. To offer at least five classes of Senior High School, 12 academic and degree programs in law, business, accountancy, real estate management, and related disciplines with clearly defined expected graduate attributes that meet workplace and entrepreneurship standards;
  2. To provide a faculty with passion for performance, and professional administration who show concern to special learning needs of students in and out of the campus;
  3. To set SPSPS apart from majority of professional learning institutions in the pursuit of new knowledge through quality research and exposure programs relevant to priority development goals of society.


  1. God-centered
  2. Critical and creative thinker
  3. Effective communicator
  4. Excellence driven
  5. Globally competent
  6. Lifelong learner
  7. Service-oriented