-How will I get my ID?

New Student

Have you already come to school for picture-taking? If you haven't yet, please come to school and bring with you your receipt for the payment of the ID and the receipt of your installment. Also, you must not have pending admission requirements to be submitted for your ID to be released. Thank you and stay safe!


Alumni ID is usually given during the graduation ceremony. But if ever you never received your alumni ID you may visit the school or the OSA to get your it. If it’s not personal, you have to write an authorization letter with your signature and the one who will receive on your behalf. Photocopy of your ID and the one who will receive should also be submitted.

- What do I do if I lost my card (school ID and alumni ID)?

It is important that you look after and protect your School ID and/or Alumni ID. If this is lost or stolen, your identity could be used fraudulently. If your card is lost or has been stolen you should act promptly and contact the OSA, either in person, txt, chat or by email. Your lost/stolen card will then be deactivated.

You are entitled to have a replacement card, thereafter we will charge you Php 200 for the ID card and Php 150 for the id lace.


- How do we know if our year book is already available? And why does it take time to have our year book?

We will be posting on our Facebook page the available year book. It will take time to have your book because it will depend on the following: lack of student information, lack of pictures, and the printing press/company. But we will make your that we will be able to release the yearbook as soon as possible


How do we join Sports and Cultural Groups? and how can we avail scholarship of the said groups?

You may contact any officer of the group or the PSG. To avail the said scholarship, you must be an officially enrolled, must be a one-year resident/member, must submit semestral report and grades.


When will I receive my modules?

The delivery of modules has started and is on-going as of this writing. The Go Learning Team will reach out to you before the scheduled delivery of modules in your area. Please keep your lines open. Thank you and keep safe!

When will my worksheets be collected?

It will be announced by your teacher when will be the collection of the worksheets. If there are strict border restrictions in your area, you may have your worksheets sent to your teacher or to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs thru a courier service (i.e., LBC or J&T). Contact your subject teacher for the “recipient information”, or if you want to send it to the SAO:

Lowe S. Tana
Student Affairs Office
Saint Paul School of Professional Studies
Campetic, Palo, Leyte

Who should I contact if I have concerns about the delivery of my module?

You may contact the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs with these contact details:

Landline: 323-8810

Mobile: 09610567819 smart

    09531108957 tm

Email: hp.ud1634723273e.sps1634723273ps@an1634723273at.ew1634723273ol1634723273

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