SPSPS Gets Global

The SPSPS’ move to establish linkages with the global community has paved the way for a fruitful partnership with some educational institutions in Tokyo, Japan including the prestigious Seisen University.

The recent signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between SPSPS and Seisen University has made the partnership official. The two institutions of higher learning are now ready to indulge in a series of language and culture immersion programs.

This was the highlight of the visit of two SPSPS professors, Barnett Balberia and Julie Pearl Guanzon to Japan on July 6-11, 2016 to meet and discuss with Prof. Akira Sugiyama, the Seisen University President the language and culture immersion activities to be undertaken by SPSPS and Seisen. As a result of their trip, a group of 16 Japanese students and 2 professors will visit SPSPS on August 7-14, 2016. One of the visiting Japanese professors is Prof. Shun Ohno, the head of the Global Citizenship Studies of Seisen University.

SPSPS professors, Julie Pearl Guanzon and Barnett Balberia, at Seisen University

SPSPS professors, Julie Pearl Guanzon and Barnett Balberia, at Seisen University

Although the Japanese group intends to do field works when they come to Leyte in connection with their on-going research about the province, their visit is expected to set the groundwork for cultural exchange and partnership with the SPSPS students in terms of research development in their respective schools.

A homestay program, as part of the cultural immersion of the Japanese students will be offered by SPSPS. They will be made to stay with identified Filipino families in Tacloban and Palo for two nights and two days to allow them to observe Filipino family culture.

SPSPS on the other hand, plans to send students to Seisen University for language and culture immersion in May 2017. This will be followed by the faculty-exchange program to allow SPSPS faculty members to learn the Japanese language and to become familiar with the Japanese culture.

The partnership with Seisen University is part of the package. A Japanese group of working professionals named “SAMURISE” is also coming to SPSPS on August 12-16, 2016 basically to develop English language proficiency. At least nine members of SAMURISE are expected to come.

Meantime, the Social English Enterprise Language School (SEELS), an English training school based in Japan and put up by SPSPS’ former Japanese Language professor Adelfa Pairez and a Filipino resident in Japan, Cesar V. Santoyo, whose trainees are former Filipino entertainers who now want to change their careers by teaching English to Japanese children, also aired out interest to obtain diploma from SPSPS so that they will be considered graduates of academic programs. Although the details for this particular undertaking are still under study by the school, the trainees are now planning to enroll in some of the schools’ English classes.

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