Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office Director

Activities and Functions of STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE

As mandated by Republic Act 7722, otherwise known as the “Higher Education Act of 1994” and CMO 9, Series of 2013, “Enhanced Policies and Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services, the Students Affairs Office (SAO) of Saint Paul Business and Law serves as the official medium of communication between the student body and the administration. Thus, it endeavors to promote and maintain good and harmonious working relationship between the students and the school.

The Office also oversees, renders student-related services; coordinates, monitors and regulates the operation of the student organizations, the Paulinian Student Government, the Student Publications Office; and other developmental co-curricular activities both inside and outside of the school campus which are necessary for the achievement of the school’s main educational thrust – that of forming the whole person into a well-rounded, mature, peace-loving and God-fearing individual.

List of Accredited Student Organizations

  1. Paulinian Student Government
  2. Council Student Organizations
  3. Senior Class Organization
  4. Junior Class Organization
  5. Sophomore Class Organization
  6. Freshmen Class Organization
  7. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  8. Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants
  9. Junior People Management Association of the Philippines
  10. Junior Institute of Accounting Technology
  11. Junior Bankers Association
  12. Saint Paul Junior Marketing Association
  13. Junior Management Consultants
  14. Allied Business Society
  15. Junior Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers and Consultants
  16. Saint Paul Basketball Club
  17. Saint Paul Table Tennis Club
  18. Saint Paul Chess Club
  19. Saint Paul Volleyball Club
  20. Saint Paul Badminton Team
  21. Saint Paul Chorale
  22. Saint Paul Dance Academy
  23. Saint Paul Debate Society
  24. Saint Paul Taekwondo Club
  25. Mind, Arts and Sound of Kindred Intrinsic
  26. Metro Tacloban Ruperto Kangleon – Junior Jaycees
  27. Campus Relations Corps
  28. Industrial Partners Organization
  29. Student Publications
  30. Student Electoral Board