Take a virtual tour of the SPSPS campus and get familiar with its state-of-the-art facilities.

It has been one of the cardinal goals of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) to produce notable and globally-competent professionals, and to be able to chalk up such an ambition, SPSPS focuses on the basic needs of the students: proper facilities.


It is in the Academic Building where most of the vital learning processes take place. The white academic building of SPSPS comprises 27 classrooms, which are individually installed with air conditioning units, television units, and armchairs. It also houses the offices of the Publications and Media Group, Paulinian Student Government, Basic and General Education, Business, and Accountancy departments’ faculty rooms, the Finance and Administrative Affairs Office, Medical and Dental Clinic, and Computer Laboratory.


Learning is not just limited within the four-cornered classroom that is why SPSPS facilitates the maintenance of the library in order to continuously cater education to the students even after classroom sessions. The school library is filled with arrays of learning materials such as books, modules, and research references. Studying becomes more conducive and convenient in this spacious facility since it is equipped with air conditioning units, functioning computers for online research, and is always spick-and-span.


Other than promoting the academic excellence of the students, SPSPS encourages every Paulinian to build confidence through participating in the different extracurricular activities that the school holds. Most of these activities are conducted at the school auditorium which was recently revamped through the support of the family of Mr. Johnny Go. The ground floor of the building, which is now named Mary Ngo Auditorium, houses the main hall for the various events that are being held annually. The Printing and the Facilities Operations and Maintenance offices are also at the auditorium’s ground floor while the offices of the vice president for the academic affairs, dean of the School of Law, Presidential Management staff, NSTP and Foreign Languages department, and the school library are settled at the second floor.


The cafeteria of SPSPS offers an array of healthy edibles that are readily available everyday – from sumptuous meals to delectable snacks. Over five stalls with wide variety of food choices are serving the Paulinian community on the daily. Other than that, the cafeteria also strongly advocates the ‘No-Plastic’ movement which prohibits the whole school population to use any form of plastic utensils in order to promote the wellness of the environment.

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