September 2, 2023 | General News


Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS), a beacon of academic distinction, is resolutely advancing its mission of academic expansion through a series of profound partnerships poised to redefine the educational landscape.

SPSPS has consistently adhered to a vision transcending conventional academic boundaries. In its dedicated pursuit of providing the tripartite functions of an educational institution – namely instruction, research, and community extension – SPSPS has proactively engaged in collaborations with diverse professional, governmental, and industrial entities. These alliances, characterized by their profundity, are poised to profoundly impact the institution and its stakeholders.

Foremost among these ventures is the rekindled partnership with Seisen University in Tokyo, Japan. This collaboration exemplifies SPSPS’s unwavering commitment to global education. Specifically, the renewed association centers on the Language and Culture Exchange Program, an initiative affording both faculty members and students a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and enhance their educational milieu.

Nevertheless, SPSPS’s dedication to excellence transcends international boundaries. The institution has maintained a productive partnership with the Institute of Management Accountants – US, thus bolstering its promise to provide students with avenues for professional development. This collaboration not only supports the Certified Management Accountant Examination but also propels global research endeavors.

Concurrently, the ongoing affiliations with entities passionately advocating environmental awareness and social responsibility resonate with SPSPS’s enduring commitment to societal welfare. The enduring association with the Miss Earth Philippines  Foundation underscores the institution’s dedication to environmental conservation and the propagation of social impact. Furthermore, the affiliation with the Department of Science and Technology is a testament to SPSPS’s forward-thinking approach in establishing a Technology Business Incubator for Startup Businesses Program.

SPSPS has also laid a strong foundation for experiential learning through its partnerships with 65 Host Training Establishments for the Internship Program. This immersive approach equips students with pragmatic skills and knowledge, thereby fortifying their readiness for prospective careers.

In the realm of accountancy and finance, SPSPS is diligently opening avenues of global significance. By preserving affiliations with CPA Australia and attaining Corporate Membership in the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), SPSPS is facilitating international career prospects and avenues for professional development for both its students and faculty. It is noteworthy that through the membership with ISCA, SPSPS students can be granted exemptions from the TOEFL/IELTS/SAT examinations, thus streamlining their path to achievement.

Nonetheless, SPSPS’s endeavors are not confined to global partnerships; they are deeply entrenched within its local community fabric. Collaborative efforts with organizations such as the Rotary Club of San Juanico extend to pivotal domains, including literacy and community economic development, exemplifying SPSPS’s steadfast commitment to effecting substantive change.

Furthermore, SPSPS has solidified a partnership with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thereby establishing a conduit to member businesses via the Business Intelligence Program. This strategic affiliation underscores SPSPS’s dedication to nurturing the forthcoming generation of business leaders.

In a demonstration of its commitment to research and educational progress, SPSPS has also forged a partnership with the PICPA Foundation for the research and Ayuda sa Eskwela programs of the foundation. This collaboration is dedicated to advancing research and supporting the initiatives of the foundation to make societal impact. It bolsters the institution’s commitment to providing robust resources for research and education, thus contributing to the academic enrichment of its students.

Finally, SPSPS’s association with JA Philippines pioneers the cultivation of professional work readiness within the spheres of business. Through the Registered Business Professional and Registered Marketing Professional Certification Examination, SPSPS is meticulously equipping its students with the competencies and credentials requisite for distinction in the domains of Business and Marketing.

As Saint Paul School of Professional Studies forges and strengthens its network of partnerships, it reaffirms its solemn commitment to furnishing holistic education that prepares students comprehensively for the exigencies of an ever-evolving world. These collaborations, marked by their profundity and range, not only enrich the educational landscape but also serve as portals to unprecedented vistas of opportunity and enlightenment. In so doing, SPSPS emerges as an exemplar, a paragon of educational leadership, and a catalyst for the transformation of education.

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