Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) program provides general education to students wanting to pursue a professional career in business and accounting.


Students applying to study accounting should demonstrate a strong background in mathematics. For those who have taken courses in statistics or business, it will be at an additional advantage.

Specific Professions and Allied Fields/ Occupation for BS Accountancy Graduates

Entry-level Jobs

  1. Public Practice: Junior Analyst, Consulting Staff
  2. Commerce and Industry: Cost Analyst, Investment Analyst, Accountancy Staff, Tax Accounting Staff, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Credit Analyst, Cost accountant
  3. Government: State Accounting Examiner, State Accountant, NBI Agent, Treasury Agent, State Accountant, LGU Accountant, Revenue Officer, Audit Examiner, Budget Officer, Financial Services Specialist
  4. Education: Junior Accounting Instructor

Middle-level Positions

  1. Public Practice: Senior Consulting Manager/ Financial Advisory Manager
  2. Commerce and Industry: Controller/Comptroller, Senior Information Systems Auditor, Senior Loan Officer, Senior Budget Officer
  3. Government: State Accountant V, Director III and Director IV, Government Accountancy and Audit, Financial Services Manager, Audit Services Manager, Senior Auditor
  4. Education: Senior Faculty, Accounting Department Chair

Advanced Positions

  1. Public Practice: Partner, Senior Partner, Senior Consultant/ Financial Advisor
  2. Commerce and Industry: Finance Director/ Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer
  3. Government: National Treasurer, Vice President for Finance/ CFO (for GOCCs), Commissioner, Associate Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, (COA, BIR, BOC)
  4. Education: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean