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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: SPSPS Embarks on a Year-Long Jubilee

Nestled in the heart of a thriving community, the Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) stands as a beacon of educational excellence. This year heralds a significant milestone in its illustrious journey – the commemoration of its 30th founding anniversary. As the institution prepares for a year-long celebration, the spirit of camaraderie and achievement will radiate throughout its vibrant campus.

The festivities kicked off with great zeal on April 2, 2024, with a symbolic Fun Walk, Eucharistic Celebration, and Zumba Session. It will be a jubilant start, symbolizing the school’s commitment to holistic well-being and community engagement. Students, faculty, and alumni will come together, igniting the flame of unity that has been burning bright for three decades.

The Fun Walk already weaved its way from Taboan in Marasbaras, Tacloban city where the first school campus was established, with participants sporting colorful shirts emblazoned with the school’s logo. Following this, the Zumba Session injected an element of fun and fitness into the day, with energetic music and dance moves galore. Consequently, the Eucharistic Celebration was a solemn yet joyous occasion, where the school community gathered to give thanks for the blessings of the past and seek guidance for the future.

But this will be just the beginning.

As the year unfolds, each month will bring with it a unique celebration, showcasing the diverse tapestry of experiences that define the SPSPS community. July will see the streets lined with pride as the school hosts a motorcade and Parents’ Day, honoring the unwavering support of families in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. The day will be filled with family-oriented activities, including games, performances, and a special tribute to parents who have been instrumental in their children’s journey.

August will promise to dazzle with the much-anticipated Mr. & Ms. Saint Paul 2024 pageant, a glittering spectacle of talent and charisma. The month will culminate in the SPSPS Gala Night, a grand soirée where memories will be made and dreams will take flight. Distinguished guests, alumni, and stakeholders will gather to celebrate the achievements of the past and chart the course for a future filled with promise and possibility. The Gala Night will celebrate the school’s employees and stakeholders as it is also the Years in Service Awards of 2024.

In September, the campus will transform into a battleground of athleticism and sportsmanship as students compete in the exhilarating Intramurals, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie. The fields will echo with cheers and applause as teams vie for glory, showcasing their skills and determination. Beyond sports, there will be booths offering various activities and competitions, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

December will herald a joyous reunion as alumni from far and wide converge for the Green and White Ball – Alumni Homecoming, reminiscing about cherished memories and forging new connections. The evening will be a nostalgic journey down memory lane, filled with laughter, tears, and the warmth of shared experiences. Alumni will reconnect with old friends and mentors, reaffirming their bond with the alma mater that shaped their lives. A highlight of the night will be the unveiling of a commemorative plaque honoring distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to their fields.

February will shine a spotlight on the pillars of the institution – the dedicated teachers and student leaders. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment will be celebrated in a night of recognition and appreciation. The month will also witness Eco Blast, a tree-planting activity, symbolizing SPSPS’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Students and faculty will come together to plant trees, creating a green legacy that will endure for generations to come.

March will mark a momentous occasion as President Erwin Vincent G. Alcala delivers the State of the School Address, charting the course for the future with vision and resolve. The address will be a reflection of the school’s journey, highlighting its achievements, challenges, and aspirations. It will serve as a call to action, inspiring the SPSPS community to strive for excellence and continue making a positive impact on society.

At the heart of this jubilee will lie the theme “PRISMS of SPSPS: Shared Purpose, Served Passion, and Synergy.” It will encapsulate the essence of the institution – a community bound by a shared vision, fueled by passion, and empowered by collaboration. Each facet of the theme will represent a facet of the SPSPS experience, where every individual will be valued, and every voice will be heard.

As SPSPS embarks on this remarkable journey of celebration and reflection, it will reaffirm its commitment to excellence, innovation, and service. For thirty years, it will have been a beacon of light, guiding generations of students towards a brighter future. And as it looks ahead to the next thirty years and beyond, one thing will remain certain – the best is yet to come.

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