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The birth of the SPSPS CPA Review Center (SCPARC) in November 2010 is similar with the birth of Saint Paul’s Business School, now Saint Paul School Professional Studies. Both are based on the need for a nearer, inexpensive, and non-commercialized approach to instruction after college.

The BS Accountancy demands significant costs in the review classes, board and lodging, travel, and food of reviewees. Add to these would be the non-commercial way of delivery of the review instruction, provision of up-to-date materials, counseling, and post-review services such as the choice of a safe place of stay in Cebu or Manila, and assistance in application for the Board Exams.


To provide the finest and affordable CPA licensure examination review through an array of methodologies and quality preparation tools and techniques designed to help candidates become competitive Certified Public Accountants


Provide competent and steadfast CPA reviewers line-up

Develop and provide quality preparation materials

Stay up-to-date on CPA Board Exam changes

Conduct an effective and efficient review course

Guide and support candidates to be successful Certified Public Accountants


Saint Paul School of Professional Studies,
Campetic Road, Palo, 6501 Leyte, Philippines
Contact Information:
Facebook: SPSPSCPAReview

Frequently Asked Questions

For faster answers to your queries, please be guided by this list of our frequently asked questions.

What does SCPARC offer?

  • Young and dynamic practitioner-CPAs, lawyers, and CPA-lawyers
  • Team teaching approach
  • Counseling/individual consultation
  • Guest CPA Lecturers from Manila (UP, DLSU, UST and St. Scholastica’s College)
  • Two-time pre-board exams
  • Provision of pre-week materials
  • Discussion of answers on practice questions
  • Close assistance in pre- and during board exams via visits, mobile phone and social media
  • Lowest fees

What are the online review programs offered?

We offer CPA Review, Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Level 1 and 2 Review programs.

Who may enroll?

  • CPA Review: Enrollment is open to BS Accountancy Graduates and Students who wish to undergo advanced CPA review.
  • CAT Level 1 & 2: Enrollment is open to reviewees with background in Accounting (graduate/student of BS Accountancy, BSC Major in Accounting, BS Management Accounting, BS Accounting Technology, BS Financial and Managerial Accounting, BS Forensic Accounting or any other accounting-related course)

What is included in the review fee?

The review fee is inclusive of the following:

  1. Video lectures
  2. Handouts and materials on printable digital form
  3. Self-assessment exams

How long is the review program?

  • CPA Review: For Batch May 2022 CPA Licensure Examination, you will be given 5-month access to the online CPA review course. You will also be given the review materials in advance.
  • CAT Review: For Batch December 2021 CAT Examination, you will be given 4 weeks access to the online CAT review course. You will also be given the review materials in advance.

Enrollment Procedure

Want to enroll? We’ve listed down key information you might need about the payment options for the SPSPS CPA Review Center.

STEP 1: Secure an Enrollment Payment Slip from SPSPS Finance Office by sending a SMS/text message to 09056560300 c/o Eunafe S. Centino.

STEP 2: Pay through any of the following depository banks or remittance center:

Depository Banks

Account Number: 001123-2427-14

Account Number: 000990-2902-47

Palawan Express Pera Padala

Mobile Number: 09165980952

STEP 3: After depositing/remitting the payment, write the following information on the validated deposit slip/remittance receipt:

  1. Reviewee’s Full Name
  2. Type of Review Program (e.g. CPA REVIEW, CAT LEVEL 1 or CAT LEVEL 2)
  3. Mobile/Cell Number
  4. Email address/Facebook Messenger Account

STEP 4: Email the above deposit slip/remittance receipt properly accomplished to and

You will receive a confirmation email from SPSPS Treasury. Then wait for your Official Receipt to be sent to your email.

That’s it! Welcome to the SPCRC Family!

Start your #BrighterFuture with SPSPS!

Sapientia et Servitium Gratia Dei
Wisdom and Service by the Grace of God 

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