A leading Facilities Management and External Affairs Division in sustaining and elevating the Saint Paul School of Professional Studies’ reputation, fostering meaningful community connections, and nurturing a dynamic learning environment


To enhance the school’s reputation, engage the community, and enrich learning through top-notch facilities, strategic branding, alumni relations, and transformative learning experiences


The Facilities Management and External Affairs Division is mandated to ensure the seamless operation of the institution’s physical infrastructure and external relations, enhancing the overall learning environment, fostering meaningful community connections, and promoting the institution’s reputation.


  1. Facilities Management:
  • Maintenance and Operations: Oversee the upkeep and efficient operation of all school facilities, ensuring a safe and conducive learning and working environment.
  • Space Planning: Optimize space utilization to support various academic and administrative functions, enhancing resource efficiency.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Promote and implement environmentally sustainable practices within the school’s infrastructure to reduce its ecological footprint.
  1. Marketing and Branding:
  • Brand Strategy: Develop and execute strategic branding initiatives to elevate the school’s reputation and visibility.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Plan and execute marketing campaigns that effectively communicate the institution’s strengths and unique offerings.
  • Digital Presence: Manage the school’s online presence, including its website and social media platforms, to engage with the community and share relevant information.
  • Market Research: Conduct market research to identify emerging trends, assess competition, and seize opportunities for growth.
  1. External and Alumni Relations:
  • Community Engagement: Cultivate and nurture relationships with the local community, businesses, and organizations to enhance the school’s outreach and collaboration.
  • Alumni Engagement: Maintain strong ties with alumni through events and programs that keep them engaged and involved in school activities.
  • Fundraising and Development: Seek external funding and donations to support the school’s initiatives, including scholarships and capital projects.
  • Student Assistants Scholarship Program: Administer the Student Assistants Scholarship Program, which provides financial assistance and work opportunities to deserving students, promoting accessibility and affordability of education.
  1. Internship Program:
  • Industry Partnerships: Establish partnerships with relevant industries and organizations to create diverse and valuable internship opportunities for students.
  • Student Placement: Facilitate the placement of students in internships that align with their academic and career goals.
  • Monitoring and Support: Provide guidance, evaluation, and support to students during their internships to ensure a meaningful and educational experience.
  1. Learning Institute:
  • Academic Support: Offer academic resources, tutoring, and workshops to assist students in achieving their academic goals.
  • Professional Development: Organize seminars, workshops, and training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of students and faculty.


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