History on the Development of Trade Theory

What Is International Trade Theory?

The Development of International Trade Theory

A Brief History of International Trade Policy

Issues of International Trade

International Trade Issues

3 key issues affecting global trade right now

A Brief History of International Trade and Its Importance Today

History of International Trade

History of the multilateral trading system

What is the World Trade Organization?

TOP Trade Balance by ASEAN Countries | 1950- – video

ASEAN countries: Trade balance of goods from 2012 to 2022


ASEAN-EU international Trade in goods statistics

The Ricardian Theory of Comparative Advantage

Understand David Ricardo’s principle of comparative advantage

Ricardo and comparative advantage at 200

The importance of the Ricardian theory of international trade

Why Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Advantage Regarding

Foreign Trade Doesn’t Work in Today’s Global Economy

Influence of David Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Advantage on International Trade

Ricardian Model of Trade

Topic 3: the Ricardian (Classical) trade model

Ricardian Model – part 1

Development and Trade: Empirical Evidence

Empirical evidence

Empirical Research: Definition, Methods, Types and Examples

Factor Price Equalization video

Factor price equalization

International Trade and the Equalization of Factor Prices

Handbook of International Economics

Handbook of International Economics volumes

Hecksher-Ohlin Trade Theory

What Does the Heckscher-Ohlin Model Contribute to International Trade Theory? A Critical Assessment

Stolper Samuelson Theorem

5.6 The Stolper-Samuelson Theorem

The Rybczynski Theorem (RT) (With Diagram) | Economics

Redistributive Policies for Sustainable Development: Looking at the Role of Assets and Equity

Redistribution policies in a globalized world

Inequality, Redistribution and Optimal Trade Policy: A Public Finance Approach

Redistribution, selection, and trade

The Standard Trade Model

Chapter 5 Standard Trade Model 

Chapter 6. Standard Trade Model

Standard Trade Model | Part 1 | Relative Price, Relative Supply, Relative Demand | 28 – video

Welfare State Comparison between US and European Countries

How can countries measure the well-being of their citizens? – video

Tariff And Non-Tariff Barriers – video

Trade and tariffs | AP Microeconomics | Khan Academy

Types of Tariff | International Economics | Learn Economics on Ecoholics

What is a Quota?

What is a Quota?

Key Diagrams – Import Quotas and Economic Welfare

Imperfect Competition brief

Differences between Perfect Competition and Imperfect Competition

Lesson-31 (Market Imperfections)

Market Imperfections Theory & Foreign Direct Investment


Imperfect Competition in Firm-to-Firm Trade

What is an Externality?

Introduction to Globalization and Protectionism


International Integration and Societal Progress: A Critical Review of Globalisation Indicators

International Trade Policy: Strategies & Examples

WORLD Investment Report 2023

International Trade Policy: Strategies & Examples

An Analysis of the History of Philippine Trade Policy

Macroeconomic Issues Facing ASEAN Countries

World Economic Situation and Prospects: February 2023 Briefing, No. 169

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