An internationally recognized learning institution imbued with the values of Saint Paul shaping the society through transformative education




To establish a strong presence of lifelong learners and God-centered professionals adept with new streams of educational value relevant to global development initiatives




1. To apply critical and creative thinking skills to provide practical solutions to issues that arise in workplaces, institutions, and global communities,

2. To ethically demonstrate self-respect and respect for others personal and cultural values with integrity and honesty that will enable success and participation in the larger society:

3. To consistently apply the foundational knowledge of biblical truth and St. Paul’s examples as bases for building moral character and personal discipline;

4. To provide opportunities for continuous career and professional development in specific fields for graduates;

5. To exhibit transferrable skills to gain knowledge, acquire new competencies, and broaden perspectives to better adapt to the needs of a changing society, and

6. To show various ways and methods in demonstrating the love for Mother Earth in every engagement to humans and non-humans.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Saint Paul School of Professional Studies is committed to producing graduates who:

1. Embody the ideals, values, and teachings of Saint Paul in the pursuit of a meaningful personal and professional life (God-centered)

2. Exercise critical and creative thinking in providing solutions to discipline-related issues and problems (critical and creative thinker)

3. Apply effective communication skills, both oral and written, using the English language in diverse situations (effective communicator)

4. Passionate and dedicated to put quality in everything, stepping outside the comfort zone, learning with a spirit of endeavor amidst the challenges of the 3rd millennium (excellence-driven)

5. Demonstrate understanding and mastery of the fundamental knowledge and skills required for effective professional practice in the field of specialization adapting latest trends and global developments (globally competent)

6. Manage unyielding quest for relevant knowledge and competence in the pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice (lifelong learner)

7. Immerse as a team-player applying Filipino family values, industry-desired values, and global citizen values in service to others (service-oriented)


1. God-centered

2. Critical and creative thinkers

3. Effective communicator

4. Excellence-driven

5. Globally competent

6. Lifelong learner

7. Service-oriented


1. Integrity

2. Fidelity

3. Pursuit of excellence

4. Respect for others

5. Fairness

6. Honesty

7. Caring for others and responsible citizenship

8. Promise-keeping

9. Accountability

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Wisdom and Service by the Grace of God 

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