The Registrar’s Office of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies in Palo, Leyte plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of academic processes and providing support to students throughout their academic journey. It offers the following services:

Online Application Services for School Credentials

This service allows students to apply for school credentials such as diploma, Form 137, transcript of records, and certificate of enrollment online.

Issuance of School Credentials

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for issuing school credentials such as diplomas, certificates, and transcripts of records to students who have completed their academic requirements. It also provides printed copies of students’ report of ratings, and academic load slips.

Student Records Management

The Registrar’s Office maintains and manages the academic records of students, including their grades, transcripts, and other related documents.

Enrollment Services

The Registrar’s Office assists students in the enrollment process, including course selection, registration, and payment of fees.

Verification of Student Records

The Registrar’s Office provides verification services for student records, which may be required for employment, further studies, or other purposes.

Academic Advising

The Registrar’s Office provides academic advising services to students, including guidance on course selection, academic requirements, and other related matters.

The following are the contact/Access links to avail of the above-mentioned services:

Online application of school credentials:

Issuance of School Credentials, Enrollment Services, & Verification of Student Records:

Contact Information:

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