Senior High School

In adherence to the K12 Program mandated by the Department of Education, Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) offers a 2-year upper secondary education in order to prepare the students for college. The school offers Accountancy, Business, & Management Strand (ABM) and the General Academic Strand (GAS). These strands are tailored with the necessary courses to develop the skills of the senior high school students in the field of business and accountancy, and in various disciplines as well.

Accountancy, Business and Management

The Accountancy, Business, & Management strand (ABM) is designed to equip the students with the fundamental concepts on business specialized courses, specifically it focuses on the foundational concepts on corporate operations, financial management, and business management.

The ABM courses are similarly patterned to the college curriculum of the institution that concentrates on the application of skills and measurable learning outcomes with technology integration.

This strand aims to prepare and mold the senior high school students to choose from the various career paths in the business and corporate industry, such as an accounts payable clerk, bookkeeper, chief financial officer, budget analyst, internal auditors, and more.

General Academic Strand

The General Academic Strand (GAS) takes on a generalist approach in preparing students for tertiary education. This strand covers a wide array of disciplines such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Organization, and Management.

With this strand, the students may choose to enroll to any of the college degree programs under the other strands depending on the elective courses they will take up. Because of the wide range of possible careers under the GAS strand, students will be:

  • equipped with excellent creative writing skills;
  • develop their communication skills;
  • learn about Organization Management;
  • gain knowledge on Empowerment Technologies; and
  • know about Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction.

Finishing GAS, students have varied options for their future careers such as becoming doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants, social workers, and more.

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