Student Activities

  • Paulinian Connect. This project of the Paulinian Student Government (PSG) serves as an online platform where Paulinians can stay connected with each other through an online server.
  • SHCO & FCO Bootcamp. This bootcamp discusses the Paulinian culture, including its rules, regulations, norms, events, values, morals, preferences, and expectation of the school to its students. Other than that, it also serves as a platform for students to socialize with their batchmates.
  • Constitutional Convention. The pandemic has brought about a number of realizations with regards to the set-up that the whole student body has experienced along with the school administration. With these experiences in hand, certain revisions in the current Constitution and By-Laws must be made to formally address the concerns that have not been met. The elected PSG officers have agreed upon the deliberation of the amendments to be made and formally raise the intention to ratify and amend outdated sections and provisions of the current Constitution and By-Laws of the Paulinian Student Government.
  • SHCO Days. The Senior High School Days is a celebration of the learners’ talents and skills within and beyond the academic aspect. It seeks to foster camaraderie, sportsmanship, and synergy among the various houses.
  • FCO Days. Freshmen Days is a program that properly welcomes the freshmen. It is a two–day virtual celebration which provides students with an opportunity to interact with their classmates, create unity for forthcoming intramurals, learn knowledge, and have fun. For this AY 2021 – 2022, the theme for today’s Freshmen Day is “ABANTE: Aggregating Bonds in the Academe, Networking Tyros towards Edification”. Through this event, the freshmen (as tyros or beginners of the institution and in their respective courses) are motivated to aggregate bonds or belong to the social circle in the Paulinian community and are encouraged to move forward and adapt to the current situation.
  • 27th Founding Anniversary. First established in the year of 1994, Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) yearly celebrates its founding anniversary through the kick-off of varied events all-month long. This engages the Paulinians with each other and allows the community to develop a holistic set of potentials and camaraderie.
  • Kamisa ni Pablo. This is an income generating project by the PSG in the means of selling school merchandise with designs that carries the school’s identity. These items will have an essential use as a student for this upcoming academic year under a brand that has the objectives to promote the school through such, and to generate income for the PSG.
  • JPIA Day. This is an annual celebration of the JPIA organization that provides an avenue of creating bonds and establishing relationships among students under the BS Accountancy program. Similar to an intramurals, this celebration also has events that allow the participants to excel in various contests.
  • Tara Paulinians! Burubligay Kita: Online Tutorial. As another academic year is about to embark, the PSG continually recognizes that students are still in the middle of a crisis brought by the pandemic, which greatly affected educational institutions and the students’ passion to continue being life-long learners. This has made SPSPS adapt to a lot of changes in offering new educational systems, educational tools and methods on teaching. In relation to this, the PSG would like to become part of this advocacy of the institution to further promote the value of education amidst the crisis, through the project “TARA PAULINIANS, BURUBLIGAY KITA! Ver.2.0” In order to realize this project, the PSG have worked jointly with the CSO officers and proposed to offer the following activities: (1) a live online tutorial for both BSA & BSBA students that would be done every Saturday of the month of October via Google Meet or ZOOM Cloud Meeting; and (2) a series of activities such as tutorials, workshops and infographic postings.
  • Sibol Mental Wellness. With the global pandemic posing a major challenge in the country, the Department of Health (DOH) reported a rising statistics of mental health illnesses last August 2020 due to the extensive lockdown periods and the distance learning of students. By that remark, the PSG aims to provide this project with mental health-related activities and webinars that will aid the needs of the Paulinian community and enlighten its members in the context of normalizing mental health. Sibol Mental Wellness project focuses on the Paulinians’ well-being through said programs and activities that fosters mental health awareness as well as to strengthen the access to mental health care.
  • Every Mind Matters. Living up to the new normal, students are in the phase where online learning has transformed and progressed. Mental health conditions can feel debilitating and scary, making some people retreat inward rather than seek help. They need to be truly seen, heard, and valued. With this, the PSG proposes the project Mental Health Advocacy: Every Mind Matters. The student body would like to incorporate in the institution the mission of the National Center for Mental Health for awareness to spread. The PSG will also be posting publication materials about mental health facts, study tips and motivational quotes, and will be having a Speak Now Series entitled “Paulinian Breakthrough: Success Stories”. It is to learn more about mental health that allows the student body to provide helpful support to those affected in the community.
  • Paulinian Care. This is a donation drive of the PSG to its adopted community.
  • Paskong Paulinian. Paskong Paulinian is a yearly celebration held by SPSPS that practices the culture of giving and receiving through weekly and grand raffles. At the same time, it serves as an avenue for the Paulinian community to showcase their talents through forms of competitions bearing in mind the true essence of the season.
  • Padyak Paulinian. Cycling has long been used as mode of transportation for most people, but it has only been popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic as a form of leisure, exercise and stress reliever. With the growing population of cyclists, the PSG moves to propose an event to gather all Paulinian and non-Paulinian cyclists for a “Ride for a Cause”. This term has been widely used and is known to all cycling enthusiast. There will be a registration fee for the event. Freebies and souvenirs will be given to those who choose to participate. All funds collected will be utilized in aiding those in need or given to charities or donation drives.
  • Paulinian Financial Bootcamp. This platform is to create a basic foundation for “Financial Literacy”, or the knowledge and skill of handling and making decisions that involves money both in one’s personal life and one’s future career. The provided strands and programs in SPSPS paves the way to a career that involves handling money or making decisions that relate to such entity. The Paulinian Financial Bootcamp is to build an initial foundation in a Paulinian to make better decisions when it comes to money matters. And once this initial foundation has bet set, this foundation can grow once he/she has become a professional in the workplace.
  • Leadership Congress (SECFINAUD & SPORCIOCAD). SPSPS welcomes a diverse community of students every new academic year. In line with this, different organizations of the school are again filled with student leaders that are expected to properly execute their roles in service of the Paulinian community. Parallel to this, the SECFINAUD Workshop is an annual event held by the Paulinian Student Government (PSG) which aims to equip the student leaders with necessary knowledge to the positions of Secretary, Finance Officer and Auditor, which are three of the most vital pillars in an organization. On the other hand, the SPORCIOCAD Workshop trains Sociocultural, Sports, and Academics officers. With this, the PSG would like to pursue a LEADERSHIP Congress that incorporates both workshops with additional leadership trainings through the aid of previous leaders who have served their respective constituents.
  • Paulinian E-Library. The Paulinian E-library aids in the learning process of students in such a way that it provides supplemental materials related to the academe. The project’s interface gives access to these learners wherever they may be.
  • Paulinian 8-in-1 Business Development Program. The Paulinian 8-in-1 Business Development Program is a project that aims to provide supplemental skills to the aspiring Paulinians who wish to become professional business tycoons. This program is a two-day webinar discussing eight different topics about proper practices, etiquette, and skills to develop a more enhanced, pro-SPSPS individuals as they embark on their respective business ventures.
  • Love Convention. The month of February indicates a symbolic time of the year: the celebration of the hearts. Love, in all sorts of ways, are appreciated, gratified, and celebrated by everyone in the world during this time. It is a powerful intangible that binds the people and the community.
  • BIZED Days. This is another yearly event organized by the school that encapsulates the whole ideal of marketing, from sponsorships of different brands to seminars that are open to all students of the institution. This cultivates and stands with the purpose of the school when it comes to businesses.

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