May 7, 2024 | General News

Triumph in the Courtroom: SPSPS Law Debate Team Emerges Victorious in ADR Moot Court Competition

In a riveting display of legal prowess and intellectual acumen, the Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) Law Debate Team clinched the championship title in the 3rd Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Moot Court Competition on April 27. Led by Oralists Joedel Peñaranda and Hesus Adolfo Bucatcat, alongside researchers Jacquelyn Isidro and Melboy Rivas Bulan, the team showcased exceptional skills in resolving a complex automotive industry dispute, earning well-deserved accolades and acclaim.

The journey to victory was marked by meticulous preparation, tireless dedication, and unwavering determination. Facing 16 formidable competitors from 14 law schools nationwide, the SPSPS team navigated through the intricacies of legal argumentation and negotiation with poise and precision. Their comprehensive understanding of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and their ability to craft compelling arguments set them apart as formidable contenders from the outset.

Joedel Peñaranda’s stellar performance, hailing him as Best Oralist in the competition, further underscored the team’s outstanding capabilities and individual excellence. His commanding presence, eloquence, and persuasive advocacy left a lasting impression on judges and peers alike, cementing his reputation as a rising star in the legal arena.

Moreover, in a previous feat, Joedel Peñaranda was awarded the Moot and Service Award (Individual Category) during the 34th Association of Law Students of the Philippines (ASLP) National Convention on April 14, 2024, in Cagayan de Oro City. This prestigious award, bestowed upon Peñaranda for his exemplary performance in the field of debate and moot, further solidifies his status as a standout talent within the legal community. His achievement not only brings honor to himself but also shines a bright light on the esteemed reputation of SPSPS.

Peñaranda’s success is no stranger to the limelight, as he previously claimed the title of Best Debater in the 2nd Inter-Law School Human Rights Debate Tournament (Final Round) held in Quezon City last December 5. In an impressive display of skill and teamwork, Team SPSPS emerged as the overall winner of the event, showcasing the collective excellence that defines our institution’s commitment to legal education and advocacy.

The ASLP, recognized by the Supreme Court as the student counterpart of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, serves as a platform for aspiring legal professionals to hone their skills, engage in meaningful discourse, and contribute to the advancement of legal scholarship and practice. Peñaranda’s accolades not only reflect his individual talent but also highlight the collaborative efforts of SPSPS in nurturing future leaders and trailblazers within the legal profession.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, let us not only applaud the triumphs of the SPSPS Law Debate Team but also recognize the collective effort and support that propelled them to success. Their victories serve as a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence within the legal realm. With their indomitable spirit and relentless dedication, they have illuminated the path forward, inspiring us all to reach greater heights and redefine the boundaries of possibility in the legal arena.

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