By Jasmyn Rose Mendoza

In the narrative of life, there exists a beauty in treading a path less taken. It is in these daring moves that some shape their destiny. It takes great bravery to do things most people won’t. Like skydiving or swimming in the depths of deep oceans. Or taking the most difficult exam in the Philippines—the bar.

As kids, we may have heard of those who take on the complexities of the law, picturing a great challenge that comes before the title. Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS), having made a name for itself in the corporate world with remarkable ratings in the licensure exams, stood on the edge of an entirely new challenge. For fifteen years, the institution has been offering the Juris Doctor (JD) program and has consistently made an effort to live up to its standing in the academe. As it is in the early stages of its quest, the faculty of law has been eagerly awaiting a breakthrough. True to the passage of time, the institution confronted the challenge and emerged triumphant, yielding a 10th placer in the bar exams.

The Paulinian barristers embarked on their legal education with an uncertain vision of the future. Fueled by the desire to serve the people, they battled through a demanding journey of becoming a lawyer. Right after the bar exams were held, the exhaustion was apparent in the way the takers stepped out of the venue. But the faculty of law took great pride in celebrating the moment the Paulinian takers took a step closer to their dreams, bringing with them the culmination of years of hard work.

The atmosphere was truly euphoric as the bar exam results were released. The celebration was not confined to the faculty of law alone, the whole Paulinian community rejoiced in yet another milestone for the institution. Out of the 15 examinees who successfully completed the bar exams, Atty. Jayson O. Chan was placed in the top 10. This achievement marked a historic moment for the institution as it was the first time a topnotcher emerged establishing a place for the SPSPS Faculty of Law nationally.

Now, it is apparent that this remarkable achievement will become the standard in the SPSPS Law for future exams. While some may feel the weight of expectation following Atty. Chan’s exceptional placement, it is important to remember the saying, “If they could do it, why can’t you?” Chan stands out as an embodiment of excellence, showcasing exceptional skills in nearly everything he does. He nevertheless humbly acknowledges that this success is a collective effort involving everyone in the institution. Attributing the success to the institution’s long-term goals since its inception, it is evident that it is positioned to not only maintain its glory but also go even higher in the years to come.

Beyond the success in the bar, the SPSPS Faculty of Law further cements its name in legal education by winning the 2nd Inter-Law School Human Rights Debate Tournament. A testament to their competence, this award reflects SPSPS Law’s commitment not only to academic excellence but a much broader scale of purpose.

Atty. Felma Lopez, Vice Dean of SPSPS Law and the momshie of the law students, terms this year’s accomplishments a validation—a recognition of the hard work of all who contributed to the glory of the program. It is a victory, not merely in numbers but as a testament to the outstanding quality of education the institution continues to offer. It had experienced comparable success in its years of operation, but this year was exceptional because of the program’s cumulative growth and the unwavering commitment of the faculty to fostering excellence.

In the history of legal education, the SPSPS Faculty of Law has marked a chapter of triumph, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. As the institution looks to the future, it stands tall, ready to shape the legal landscape with its legacy of success.

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