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Amidst the vibrant hues of August, the Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) embarked on a month-long celebration to mark its 29th Founding Anniversary, under the inspiring theme, “EVER ONWARD.” From August 1 to August 31, 2023, the SPSPS community came together to commemorate almost three decades of continuous growth and development.

This annual celebration is deeply ingrained in the fabric of SPSPS, serving as a cherished tradition that unites the school community. It offers a unique opportunity for reflection on the journey thus far and the collective vision for a brighter future. The festivities draw in students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community, creating a tapestry that honors SPSPS’s history, values, and contributions to education and society.

A Colorful Commencement: The SPSPS Fun Walk

The jubilant celebration commenced on August 1 with the lively SPSPS Fun Walk, a vibrant parade that witnessed Paulinians bedecked in a kaleidoscope of colors. This spirited procession, winding its way from Robinsons Marasbaras to Campetic, Palo, symbolized the unwavering dedication of the SPSPS community to its ongoing journey. Participants included faculty, staff, and students from all six competing legions, namely Exemplars (Senior High School), Marvels (1st Year), Virtuous (2nd Year), Ardents (3rd Year), Guardians (4th Year), and Prudents (Juris Doctor).

Creative Expressions and Fitness: Skit and Zumba Dance

Following the Fun Walk, the audience was treated to an entertaining skit presentation featuring legendary figures from the five legions. This showcased the creative talents and strong camaraderie that define SPSPS. Additionally, a Zumba Dance activity, led by instructors Alan C. Refuerzo and Nedde G. Petiluna, aimed to promote physical and mental well-being among the participants.

A Moment of Reflection: The Eucharistic Mass

A significant highlight of the anniversary celebration was the Eucharistic Mass held at the Mary Ngo Auditorium. Archbishop John F. Du presided over the ceremony, offering blessings and expressing hope for SPSPS’s future, even in the face of challenges. The mass served as a moment of reflection, where attendees petitioned for the success of the event, protection of the Paulinian community, and thanksgiving to the Lord and Saint Paul’s patron.

Friendly Competition: Intramural Games

Intramurals saw spirited ball games, with the men’s basketball elimination rounds pitting SPSPS Alumni against the Legion of Virtuous and the Legion of Marvels against the Legion of Ardents. SPSPS Alumni emerged victorious with a score of 85-70, while the Legion of Marvels triumphed with a close 69-67 win.

Showcasing Entrepreneurship: SPSPS Entrepmall 2023

The SPSPS Entrepmall 2023 opened its booths on August 10, featuring guest speaker Melindy Cayanong, who shared her inspiring business journey as a student. The event aimed to showcase entrepreneurship abilities among Paulinians, offering a wide array of food, snacks, clothing, and merchandise.

Sportsmanship on Display: Intramural Sports

The Intramurals Volleyball (Men’s Category) elimination round took place on August 12 at Palo I Central School Gymnasium and SPSPS Quadrangle, featuring four exciting games. Participants from the six competing legions demonstrated remarkable skills and enthusiasm. Then followed various competitions like Basketball, Table Tennis, and Badminton among others.

Mind and Knowledge: Buzzwiz Competition

The Buzzwiz competition, held at the Mary Ngo Auditorium, saw the Legion of Marvels emerge as champions, scoring 19 points. They were followed by the Legion of Guardians and the Legion of Virtuous, who received points after a tie-breaker question.

Unity in Diversity: Legion Parades and Opening Ceremony

The six competing legions waved their flags as they paraded at the SPSPS Quadrangle during the opening celebration of the Intramurals 2023 on August 16. During his opening remarks, Lowe S. Taña, overall Chairman of the 29th Founding Anniversary, urged students to pursue their visions through SPSPS’ transformative education. The Legion of Prudents won the race, followed by the Legion of Guardians and Legion of Marvels. The Legion of Marvels also clinched the championship in the Cheerdance Competition, showcasing their competitive spirit in the school’s intramurals.

Charm and Talent: Mr. and Miss Saint Paul 2023 Pageant

The highlight of the anniversary celebration was the Mr. and Miss Saint Paul 2023 Pageant, held at the Leyte Academic Center. Candidates from various legions showcased their charm and style, with a special serenade by YouTube sensation Nonoy Peña. Natasha Valdez from the Legion of Guardians was crowned Miss Saint Paul 2023, while Jahaziel Ceballos from the Legion of Marvels earned the title of Mr. Saint Paul 2023. Harvey Lagera and Geoana Catalo were hailed as Mr. and Miss Eco-Tourism, with Hanz Cabelin and Allyza Lagera, Dianuz Discar and Nancy Chen as first and second runners-up.

Honoring Dedication: Employee Recognition

The celebration also recognized the dedication and service of SPSPS employees, honoring those who had served for 5 years, 10 years, and 25 years at the Mary Ngo Auditorium. Dean Eunice T. Tudtud-Pagatpat was named the Catalyst Awardee, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to the institution.

Champions of Sportsmanship: Legion of Guardians

Intramural activities concluded with the Legion of Guardians emerging as the overall champion for the second consecutive year, showcasing their exceptional sportsmanship and teamwork.

A Night of Celebration: Student’s Night and Euphoria Foam Party

To conclude the anniversary festivities, SPSPS hosted its annual Student’s Night and Euphoria Foam Party on August 18. The event featured live performances by ILT Band, DJs, and special guests, ensuring a night of dancing and celebration.

Commitment to the Environment: Eco Blast 2023

SPSPS also demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability by participating in the Eco Blast 2023 tree-planting activity in Brgy. Barayong, Palo, Leyte, alongside Miss Philippines Earth-Air 2023, Kerri Reilly, and other community members.

Looking Ahead: State of the School Address

The 29th Founding Anniversary came to a grand conclusion with Dr. Erwin Vincent G. Alcala, President of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies, delivering his 10th State of the School Address. He highlighted the institution’s achievements and future plans, introduced new administrative officials, faculty, and staff, and celebrated ASEAN’s 56th anniversary with traditional attire. CHEDRO8 Director IV, Dr. Maximo C. Aljibe, graced the occasion as the guest of honor, leaving the audience inspired and excited about the school’s future endeavors.

The SPSPS founding anniversary celebrations attract a diverse range of participants from various segments of the school community, including the board of directors, faculty and staff, administrative officials, students, alumni, the local community, guest speakers, and performers. These inclusive celebrations aim to unite the entire SPSPS community and strengthen its sense of identity and pride in the institution. The gatherings provide valuable opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and fostering a sense of belonging among all those associated with the school.

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